Our story

We started making messenger bags in 2005. I was working as a bicycle messenger at the streets of Budapest and I didn't find a decent bag for myself to work with - so I created one on my Mom's sewing machine at home. Being a bike messenger taught me a lot about bags to work with. We always work with the toughest, hardest materials that we can find on the market. Some of the materials are from the military industry so they can take all the abuse you can put on them. Nowdays we are making bags and accessories not only for bike messengers but for a larger community, including commuters, bike enthusiasts, pedesterians also. But we never will forget where we came from. Our nest is the bike messenger community. We always try to sponsor messenger-related events (CMWCs, ECMCs, alleycats). We have our own workshop and we do not outsource any work to the far east. All of our bags are proudly made in our hometown, Hungary, Budapest, EU. Being a small scale manufacturer, we can pay extra attention on every product and this is how we can offer almost unlimited possibilities to customize your bag - with extra options, custom colors, custom designs. We are happy if you are happy with your bag that you purchased and you wear it with proud.


Retailer stores

      telefon +36-20-362-8059 email info@bagaboo.hu
      We have our Budapest showroom at Bajnok fixed gear and single speed bicycle shop (Budapest 1063 Szív str 11). The shop is open on tuesday 15-19, wednesday-thursday-friday 10-15, saturday 9-13. Sunday and monday closed. You can always find bags and accessories there. DURING THE COVID-19: If you want to check out sizes, colors, or place a personal order, you can find the bagaboo crew in the shop on thursday between 12:00 and 15:00'o clock. Subject to change, depending on the virus situation.
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