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Eco Messenger Bag

The Eco is a simple version of the messenger bag – for people who like the style, the shape of messenger bags, but not always using their bag on a bicycle, so all the extra options are not neccessary. Ideal for pedesterians also – it’s a large bag, with simple and practical pockets.

Standard Messenger Bag

The classic one-shoulder messenger bag. Available in five different sizes, with a lot of extra options to customize the bag.

Workhorse Messenger Bag

The workhorse is an extended version of the messenger bag. Can be worn on both shoulders with a second shoulder strap. Designed for hard, every-day messenger work.

the chef food delivery backpack

Delivering food? Look no further for a decent bag for the job. The Chef offers a huge, expandable capacity so you can carry pizza boxes up to 40cm.

Wander backpack

Speaking of commuting, hiking or a fast bike ride, the Wander bag is a good choice.

Heckler backpack

Commuter backpack design with a laptop compartment, smart pockets and MOLLE compatible webbings.

Jumbo backpack

Rolltop 2-shoulder messenger bag with an extendable flap. Available in two sizes.

Lizzard commuter backpack

The Lizzard backpack is the answer to a commuter’s needs

Lizzy commuter backpack

The Lizzy backpack is the answer to a commuter’s needs

Rancid backpack

The Rancid is the smallest bagaboo backpack – designed for carrying your camelback inside, on those mountain biking or trekking tours. Also suitable for urban rides.

Ransel backpack

Classic backpack design with a flap closure. For urban ride, messenger work,for those who prefer the 2-shoulder bags.

Hunch hip pouch

Hip pouch, available in two sizes. Two pockets, inner tarpaulin layer for waterproofness.

Urban Maze Daypack

The Urban Maze is a daypack sized rucksack in our bag line.


The smaller version of our Rancid backpack, called the Rancino!

Handlebar bag

Handlebar bag for bikepacking and short trips around town and in nature.

Bagatoe pedal straps

Pedal straps for your bicycle in a lot of colours.

Cricket tool pouch

A small tool pouch with water repellent zipper. Made in two sizes, available in padded and non-padded versions also.

Reflective stripe

A reflective stripe that you can use for tighten your trousers’ leg, so it won’t get stuck in the chain. Also, you’ll get a well-recognizable reflective stripe on your trousers.

Laptop sleeve

Removable laptop insert for any bag type.


Classic wallet with pocket for the change, slots for the cards and cash.

Money pouch

This is a very simple, but very practical money pouch. Closes with a velcro and has 3 compartmens.

Tablet sleeve

Padded sleeve for your tablet: iPad, iPad mini and Kindle size. Custom sizes also available.

Cell phone holster

Waterproof smartphone sleeve.

U-lock holder

U-lock holder with a pocket. Can be attached to your belt.

Top tube protector

A padded tube, that protects your bike’s top tube from scratches. Available in two sizes.