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Eco Messenger Bag S

103.00 €
size S
shoulder strap system left shoulder
main outer color black
lightweight tarpaulin color orange
trim color black
velcro color black (no surcharge)
weight 1250 g

The shoulder strap can be adjusted with a cam buckle on the side of the bag. It is fixed for left or right shoulder use, not reversible. The shoulder strap is a hard, 5cm (2″) wide webbing, which is quite comfortable itself – but if you need an extra padding, you can buy a shoulder pad separately for your bag. There is a second stablizer strap which fixes the bag on your back.

The Eco has four outer slip pockets – two large, and two small. There is an inner, mesh pocket also, you can see what is inside. The bag is made out of two layers – the inner is the lighter weight truck tarpaulin, and the outer layer is CORDURA®. This means a light weight, but still very durable bag. You’ll get a bicycle lamp holder and a reflective stripe on the bag’s bottom, and there are a few extra options available, if you want to customize your bag with some features.

(width on top/width on bottom/height/depth)

XS – 41/31/23/18cm,ca. 13 litres
S – 51/35/26/22cm, ca. 20 litres
M – 55/37/30/22cm, ca. 24 litres
L – 59/37/31/27cm, ca. 31 litres

XS – 16″ x 12.2″ x 9″ x 7.1″– ca. 780
S – 20″ x 13.8″ x 10.2″ x 8.6″ – ca. 1210
M – 21.6″ x 14.5″ x 11.8″x 8.6″ – ca. 1470
L – 23.2″ x 14.6″ x 12.2″ x 10.6″ – ca. 1890 cu. in


Padded back: practical when carrying heavy, or box-shaped items. The padding is between your back and the load you’re carrying. It is an inside pocket, closes with a zipper, with a 1cm (0.4″) padding inside. You can remove the padding, you can sit on it when it is needed, and you can use this pocket as a slip pocket for up to A4 sized papers.

Compression straps: these two straps, based on the bottom of your bag, can be used to compress your bag when it’s not full. Also, you can attach something to your bag with these straps also – for example, a wet raincoat after a thunderstorm.

Secret pocket: a 10×10 cm (3.9″x3.9″) pocket, hidden in your bag.

Laptop sleeve: we’re making the sleeves after your laptop’s dimensions. This sleeve attaches to the bag’s inner layer with a belt, and is completely removable.

Key clip: a small, plastic carabiner inside your bag where you can store your keys safely.

Extra reflective stripes: two more reflective stripes, on the bag closing straps – offering even better visibility during those dark and long winter nights.

Extra buckles on the pocket sides: a female clip on each side of the outer pocket. You can clip the flap closing straps here when they’re not used.

Airflow back padding: if you order this extra option, we’ll make an outer back padding from a special airflow that is 15mm (0.6″) thick. This will allow some air to flow between your back and the bag, and also will dry fast.

Shoulder padding: removable padding on the main strap for extra comfort.

Zippered outer pockets: the two outer large pockets are open from the top by default – you can ask for zippers on these.

You can find pictures of the extra options here: