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Bagatoe pedal straps pink

31.00 €
main outer color pink
weight 100 g

Pedal straps for your bicycle in a lot of colours.

 Pedal strap to keep your feet securely on the bicycle pedals if you’re not using a clip pedal system.

The inner 5cm (2″) strap is seatbelt webbing, which means you can slip your feet in and out easily. The outer layer is CORDURA®, which means you can customize the colour of your pedal strap.
It can fit most platform pedals, even it has only 1 holes to fill in the 2 webbings. The bagatoe pedal straps can be easily fitted on larger pedals with 2 holes for the webbings.

Main part is 5x20cm (2″ x 7.9″), straps are 28cm (11″) long.

Mounting instructions: